Pokémon leakers to pay $150,000 in court settlement

The leaks related to Pokémon Sword & Shield, where the defendants revealed info before their releases. They lost and now have to pay $150k to The Pokémon Company. During the case, TPC went CSI on their asses:

For example, TPCi performed background checks on employees, stored game content files on secure computers, restricted access to game working files to a limited number of individuals (who could only gain access to files by entering a username and password), allowed those individuals to transfer game files using only secured methods, used digital measures to trace and mark files to prevent unauthorized access, and required users with access to games files to sign non-disclosure agreements […] Physical copies of the Strategy Guide are stored in secure locations under tarps, and individuals with access to the printed guides are not permitted to bring cell phones or cameras into the areas where the Strategy Guides are stored.

That said, the leaks still got out but that hasn’t stopped the games from selling over 22 million copies worldwide.

(via Kotaku)

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