Speedrunner reacts to the fastest theoretical speedrun of Breath of the Wild

Link’s gotta go fast, apparently.

I got Breath of the Wild for Christmas last year and, despite playing it for a few weeks after, haven’t really picked it back up since. Truth be told, I’m not as big of a Zelda fan as I am of, say, Pokémon. I don’t hate it but it’s not in my top 10 gaming franchises list. Sorry not sorry.

But I love watching speedruns regardless of whether I play the games and this one caught my eye. It features renowned BotW speedrunner PointCrow reacting to the fastest theoretical of Breath of the Wild. Theoretical? Yes, that’s because it’s a compilation of the fastest segments put together to create a speedrun lasting just under 23 minutes. For a modern game with the depth and breadth of BotW, that’s incredible.

I will complete BotW one day, I promise.

Stream it below.