The quantum physics behind 101 deaths in Kaizo Mario World 2

DarkFulgore created a video showing all 101 deaths he faced while completing Stage 1 of Kaizo Mario World 2. Deaths are common in Kaizo games so 101 isn’t a remarkable number (apart from it being a palindromic prime and a sexy prime but I digress). But the overlay of each death as DarkFulgore painstakingly worked his way through the stage is a joy to behold.

Now here’s where the quantum physics comes in:

[…] Over 60 years ago, Hugh Everett, a graduate student at Princeton at the time, came up with the idea that our universe is actually one of an infinite number of parallel universes. Everett’s insight was that instead of making special concessions for observers and observed, instead consider all the observers in the universe as quantum mechanical systems interacting within that universe (like how Deepak Chopra does, only intelligible). Each time one system interacts with another, the universe would split. In one universe you read this sentence correctly, in another you do not. All possible interactions happen. Of course, because this is quantum mechanics, I am glossing over quite a bit.

Physicist Sean Carroll does a wonderful job explaining the many-worlds concept […] If the many worlds hypothesis is the correct interpretation of quantum mechanics, the super-imposed Kaizo Mario World is demonstrating basically how it works. Not quite an infinite number of Marios begin, and during many quantum interactions or “observations,” fully […] Mario-filled universes were utterly destroyed. The level is the universe and the playthroughs the “many worlds.”

Each Mario that you see impaled by a spike or smacked by a bullet is a possible branch off of the successful runs that you ultimately see. In a way, it’s like life—despite all the possible accidents and missteps that could have ended your timeline, you are still here. You are the Mario jumping across the finish line of your life. Who knew you could get such philosophy out of Nintendo?

via Discover Magazine

Mamma mia!

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