Someone made a SF1 mini

The Sharp SF1 was a Japan-only CRT television with a built-in SNES. The cartridge slot was at the top of the device and it had a better SNES image quality than most TVs could offer but, as I said, it was only available in Japan. Until now. Kinda.

[Limone] therefore decided to build himself a smaller replica instead. His “SF1 mini” comes in a 3D printed case that holds a 5.5″ TFT screen, stereo speakers, and connections for game paks and game pads.

Thankfully, [Limone] didn’t sacrifice an original SNES to make this project: instead, he used a DIY Super Nintendo kit developed by a company called Columbus Circle. This kit contains a modern replica of a SNES motherboard and is intended for custom builds like this. However, the layout of the motherboard didn’t match [Limone]’s intended design, so he desoldered several components and re-attached them using a huge web of magnet wire. An RGB-to-HDMI converter connects the SNES’s video output to the TFT screen and provides for remarkably sharp graphics.

It’s a unique take on the SNES mini from a form factor/retro revival perspective and respect for the dedication. I’d love to play on one of these bad boys.

(via Hackaday)

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