Sonic Mania on the 3DS? Sure, why not?

The Nintendo eShop (for Wii U and 3DS) will stop you purchasing, downloading, and play new content on 27th March so while we all scramble to get those eShop exclusives (or find other means of adding them to our devices), here’s a “new” game to consider: Sonic Mania.

Internet Ivan tried the unofficial port on his 3DS and the results were, and I quote, “VERY unexpected”. The fact that it’s even playable is an achievement and, according to Lost Engine Productions in the comments, there was supposed to be an official port for the 3DS but it never actually happened.

Funny thing is that there was supposed to be an official 3DS Sonic Mania port, but it was only mentioned in the fine print of an early trailer and it was never mentioned again. Kinda weird considering how well this port works, they definitely could’ve gotten it to a releasable state had they continued work on it.

While it’s a shame, at least we have it available now. But if you’d rather playing it officially in all its glory, you can get it on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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