The Retro Future's quest to find Nintendo's Tetris mistake

A gaming Holy Grail differs from company-to-company and person-to-person. Sometimes it’s shared by many and sometimes it’s niche and only meaningful to a few. Elliot Coll aka The Retro Future has been searching for years to find his, and recently he found it: a special copy of Tetris for the Game Boy. But Tetris is one of the most famous and best-selling games for the console, I hear you cry.

Not this one.

This particular copy of Tetris (as part of the original Tetris release and collectively known as the Minuet version) featured a grammatical error (I’ll let Elliot go into detail but the tl;dr version is that this one had “Bullet Proof” as the developer in the manual, box, and in the game, rather than “Bullet-Proof”). It’s super rare and congrats to him for finding it. Onto the next rarity I guess!

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