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The current Pokémon Red Any% Glitchless world record may never be beaten

The Pokémon Red speedrun challenge is precisely that because there isn’t much wiggle room for time in terms of strats. The most popular—and best—strat is to solo run with Nidoking through most of the game and use “red bar” (where your HP goes into the “red” and you hear the “duh-duh” chime) to your advantage.

Hwangbro was the previous world record holder with 1:45:05, which he achieved in 2021, but his time was cut by a remarkable amount by Pokeguy. His time, 1:44:03, was just over a minute less and because of that, many believe it won’t be beaten.

If you wanna see some glitches, check out this Pokémon virus created with arbitrary code execution in Red and Blue.

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