The Cambridge Companion to Video Game Music explores VGM's impact on pop culture

Cover for The Cambridge Companion to Video Game Music

For those of you who have been tuning into Knxwledge’s Twitch over the last few months, you’ll be familiar with his latest video game music flips. But whether you have or not, you’ll have felt the impact of video game music on popular culture over the last 40 years and now there’s a book that examines it.

The Cambridge Companion to Video Game Music, published by Cambridge University Press, explores how “video game music has been permeating popular culture for over forty years,” with insight into its history and sounds, from the early 8-bit chiptune days to more orchestral compositions and live concerts.

Now, reaching billions of listeners, game music encompasses a diverse spectrum of musical materials and practices. This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date survey of video game music by a diverse group of scholars and industry professionals. The chapters and summaries consolidate existing knowledge and present tools for readers to engage with the music in new ways. […] The book also engages with other disciplines such as psychology, music analysis, business strategy and critical theory, and will prove an equally valuable resource for readers active in the industry, composers or designers, and music students and scholars.

Abridged excerpt from the book’s Amazon listing

Referenced games include:

  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Bastion
  • Katamari
  • Gran Turismo

The book will be published digitally in March and in print in the summer.

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