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'MF DOOM: Special Herb Adventure' – the unofficial DOOM Game Boy game

We’ve been celebrating DOOM’s life and legacy on our sibling site, Sampleface, after the announcement of his passing on 31st December. Amongst the flurry of articles, tributes, and obituaries was this little gem.

MF DOOM: Special Herb Adventure was an unreleased project by Chafomon, named after DOOM’s Special Herbs beat series, made for the Game Boy.

Chafomon spoke with Kotaku and told them about living between Ecuador and New York and being a DOOM fan when he was known as Zev Love X.

I’ve been a fan of DOOM since way back when he was still known as Zev Love X from KMD. Back in 1991, with money acquired from my 11th birthday party, I went to a CD store here in Ecuador and bought the 3RD BASS “Derelicts of Dialect” album. I must have listened to that album thousands of times. I dubbed it on cassette and had it on my walkman to listen to on the bus ride to school every day.

Back in Ecuador last year, Chafomon used his lockdown wisely to work on the DOOM Game Boy game but it was a lengthy process, taking 2 months to create 5 minutes of gameplay.

The idea of a game that involved acquiring records and making beats on an old school sampler just seemed so appealing to me (and it still does!). When it came to designing a character for my game, DOOM just seemed like a no-brainer. The mask is just so iconic, he raps and produces his own beats, and he’s the super villain that everybody loves.

He never got round to finishing it, foreseeing legal issues, but who knows what might happen in the future so watch this space and remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.

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