Arcade1Up Reveals New Dragon's Lair, Pong & X-Men Cabinets

Image credit: Arcade1Up

Arcade1Up announced its awesome new line of arcade cabinets at CES this week.

The company will release 7 new cabinets:

  • Dragon’s Lair Arcade Cabinet (Dragon’s Lair, Dragon’s Lair II, and Space Ace)
  • Killer Instinct Arcade Cabinet (Killer Instinct, Killer Instinct 2, and Battletoads)
  • Space Ace Arcade Cabinet (same games as Dragon’s Lair cabinet)
  • X-Men 4-Player Arcade Cabinet (including Captain America and the Avengers and The Avengers in Galactic Storm)
  • Legacy Edition cabinets from Capcom, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, and Atari

There’s also a 4-player Pong Pub table, which features a built-in screen allowing gamers to play 8 classic Atari games. The Pong Pub table is available on the Arcade1Up website for $599.99.

View the full list of Arcade1up’s Game Machines on their website.