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Get into Pokémon VGC with VGC Guide by Aaron Traylor, Aaron 'Cybertron' Zheng, and Wolfe Glick

Pokémon Sword/Shield was my first attempt at competitive battling (also known as VGC). I’m still not that great, I don’t play nearly enough games to get better, and I still tilt and walk into “obvious” plays. But I’m better than when I started. I also know that, from experience, it’s easier to enter but very difficult to maintain a high level of success.

VGC Guide is an attempt to cover the broader topics of competitive play. The site was created by three of the most loved VGC players in history: Aaron Traylor, Aaron ‘Cybertron’ Zheng, and Wolfe Glick and it provides resources “designed to help readers understand the fundamentals of competitive Pokémon”. I gave it a read-through a few weeks ago and while it won’t tell you any specifics about any metagame (by design), its advantage is to help you get into any metagame with foundational knowledge. That includes:

  • Teambuilding
  • Battling
  • Resources such as damage calculators, team pastes, and usage stats
  • Abilities
  • Moveset tips
  • EV training

And support the site if you can via ko-fi.

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