Yes, you can play Doom on Teletext

Via Rock Paper Shotgun:

You can download the teletext-doom mod from GitHub. Right now, it only supports the original Doom. Obviously it takes a bit of work to get running even on computers, though you really can set it up to play on a real television if you want—and if your TV can handle it. The developer, Lukneu warns that “many modern TVs seem to struggle when updating teletext pages”, with their modern LG groaning along at 3fps while an old CRT happily plays at 30fps.

The only new feature I want is level load screens presented as Teletext Holidays listings. Only £37 for an all-inclusive weekend at Phobos Lab! Ooh or £52 for a romantic couples getaway in the Slough of Despair. But ah, skip that week-long tour of the The Shores of Hell; it sounds scenic but my pal went last year and said it was just lads on the lash.

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