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12 hours of simultaneous Pokémon battles (from Gen 1)

Last year, pimanrules decided to find out who was the ultimate trainer in Pokémon Red and Blue by making every trainer in the game battle each other.

What would happen if we were to pit all the enemy trainers from Pokémon Red against each other in a giant tournament, using their actual AI?

That tournament even included the hidden battles of Professor Oak who was intended to be the final champion in the games before being replaced with Blue (as “Champion”). If you want to see the results of that, check out the video on YouTube. But for this blog, I’m showing you a video of 12 hours of battles (from a possible 4,000). I don’t expect you to keep up with it all but, for once, I recommend you read the comments for some of the best bits including a Channeler destroying SS Anne Blue, Oak vs Champion Blue, and Blue’s unofficial Elite Four run.

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