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An Instagaming double whammy

For all of Instagram’s faults (and there are many), it’s a great place to find people’s projects. I especially enjoy seeing gaming projects, no matter how wild they are and the following are no exception.

The first is from fullandroidsmartwatch, via 3DJuegos, who managed to play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on a watch with a 8BitDo zero 2 controller. You can see their other attempt at this below:

The second is from luke.the.maker who managed to make a “playable” Game Boy Color rug (also, check out their Etsy shop). It’s playable in that you can use a controller to play games on the screen (which is an iPad) but the rug is more for show and the buttons are nothing more than fabric. We love a gaming rug here at Distant Arcade!

(Shouts to my friend pea for showing these cool gaming Instagram posts.)

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