Get a Blastoise card rug for €135 before it's gone!

While the Charizard card rug isn’t available anymore, Kanto Starter has created a Blastoise card rug for the same price!

The 5’2″ x 3’6″ (160cm x 110cm) rug comes complete with all the shininess and majestic glory that made the original Base Set Blastoise card a hit for me and many other kids in the 90s. But there’s a catch: this is only available for 48 hours. And you have to pre-order it with shipping taking 4-6 weeks.

In case you miss it, there are some Blastoise rug alternatives on Society6.

Grab the rug now via Kanto Starter!

Update: It’s gone but check out the above links if you’re desperate for a blue tortoise with water cannons on its back in your bathroom or living room floor.

Update 2: Someone made a Blastoise rug (kinda) but they used the Pokémon Blue cartridge design. It wasn’t made with sorcery though, as the hyperbolic title suggests.

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