DualShocker's 10 best arcade games that never made it onto consoles

It was a child gamer’s dream to play in arcades during the 90s when home consoles were sky rocketing in popularity. You could get full immersion of games at the arcades and, if you were lucky, could play some of the ports on your TV. But not every popular game made the switch from arcade to console and DualShocker ranked their 10 best arcade games that never made across the pixel valleys. Here’s one:

Jurassic Park (1994)

Being a rail shooter based on the titular 1993 film, the arcade version of Jurassic Park was well-beloved at the time. With players sitting in what looked like the back of a Ford Explorer, the game cabinet featured a moving seat with a joystick to make the experience feel immersive as you shot the dinosaurs that appeared.

Jurassic Park was the first within the rail shooter genre to have 3D environments that improved the visual sense of movement. The game didn’t have any special reception in later years; however, with time, we can agree that mindless rail shooters are always a great experience.

Playing dinosaur-themed rail shooters was one of my favourite things to do at the arcade and I managed to play on one in DisneyQuest in 2016 before it was permanently closed (RIP DQ).

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