Games Asylum on Square Enix's year of the RPG

I haven’t paid much attention to Square Enix recently but it looks like they’ve had a busy year, according to Games Asylum:

[…] This gives us a total of 27 RPGs. Or if you remove the belated PC conversions of Valykrie and Triangle Strategy, 25 unique RPGs – roughly one a fortnight. If we count non-RPG titles, the publisher’s output exceeds 35 titles across different formats.

It’s difficult to say whether this hectic release strategy works for the publisher without having sales figures at hand, but it does seem to have been detrimental to certain releases. The DioField Chronicle reviewed reasonably well but left the UK chart after just one week. Valkyrie Elysium and Harvestella also left the public’s eye quickly despite being major releases. Live A Live arguably deserved to perform better commercially too, while Front Mission: 1st Remake had so little promotion that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was yet to launch.

27 RPGs in a year? What are those devs on? Why so many? I wouldn’t even have time to play them all in the time they’ve been released.

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