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Is it possible to play—and beat—Pokémon FireRed while blind and deaf?

I’ve mentioned accessibility issues with the newest Pokémon games before but for much older games, it was non-existent. So MartSnack set himself a challenge: to beat Pokémon FireRed without the ability to see or hear the game.

[…] The main goal of this project was to create a sequence of inputs that beats the game with an 100% chance of success. I fell just short of the gold standard 100%, but nonetheless, the sequence of inputs enables some fun challenges, like playing the game blind and deaf.

The game could probably be completed with a much lower level team, but I went with a safer strategy, leveling one member of the team very high. In the future, now that I’ve worked through this process once, I’ll be taking faster, more complex approaches.

The result is thousands of lines of inputs and code to cater for every scenario. It’s a wild ride but MartSnack was the one to do it.

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