RetroDodo's 10 best home arcade machines

The content coming out of RetroDodo has been awesome of late, and their list of 10 best home arcade machines is no exception.

The good thing is some of the selections have been featured on Distant Arcade before, such as Arcade 1up:

If you don’t quite have the space or budget for a full size arcade machine, the Arcade 1up machines, while not quite 1:1 scale, are absolutely the next best thing.

In fact, attach a riser – which of course, Arcade 1up supply in a variety of styles, either generic or matched to the machine you choose – to one of these and you’re almost there in terms of its size!

Arcade 1up’s selection is ever growing – and they have some genuinely amazing machines on offer.

I reeeeeally want an arcade machine now. They’re calling out to me, man!

(This isn’t a sponsored post or affiliated in any way; I just couldn’t let an article about arcade machines pass by without blogging about it given our name!)

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