Track your shiny hunting with Pokémon Shiny Tracker

I’ve encountered two shinies in the wild: the first was in 2001 as the first Pokémon I ever encountered on Pokémon Crystal (but before I got Poké Balls!!!) and the second was a Zubat in Pokémon Sun that I foolishly knocked out while trying to lower its HP. I give props to anyone who shiny hunts because it often takes thousands of encounters to find one and the processes differ between games.

Pokémon Shiny Tracker does what the name suggests and tracks your shinies as you hunt, keeping a tally and giving a probability of finding a shiny based on how many encounters you’ve had so far. In the setup, you can alter the generation (2 to 8), whether you have a Shiny Charm, your hunting method (there are 7 but the Masuda method is the most common right now), the Pokémon you’re shiny hunting for, your start date, and some UI configurations.

A tool like this may get me into it if I have the stamina.

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