A Link To The Past When Sega Was The Future

The Nintendo vs. Sega rivalry defined an era of video gaming and consumerism in the late 80s and early 90s before the latter fell to the might of their advisories (which became a party of three when Sony joined the console wars in 1994.)

But before all that, Sega was seen as the cooler vision of the future. Disney seemed to agree when they gave the Japanese giants a showcase in the Innoventions museum at Epcot. Every major console since the Sega Genesis was on offer for kids to enjoy, including future releases and the Sega Channel to whet their appetites and irritate parents on the ride home.

Alas, Innoventions is nowhere near as cool now (much like the ill-fated DisneyQuest) but this video offers a glimpse into a past where Sega was truly the future of gaming. The video was shot by iretrogamer’s dad during a vacation in 1994 when Sega was at the peak. Being able to witness such an immense exhibition of Sega-infused entertainment from my computer screen is exciting enough, let alone being a kid actually being there.

Stream it below and get your nostalgic life.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the original video was taken down. Here is an official “making of” video from Disney instead.

(via Kotaku)

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