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A Handheld History explores the pocket-sized devices that changed the gaming industry

We’re getting another gaming book about handhelds, but not just focusing on Game Boys this time. Lost In Cult and Retro Dodo launched a crowdfundraiser (is that the word?) for a new book called A Handheld History. Here’s a brief description from their official page:

Brought to you in partnership with Retro Dodo—the internet’s leading retro gaming site—A Handheld History is an explorative jaunt through the systems and games that defined the legacy of portable systems. Less of a historical account and more of a poignant, introspective adventure across decades of gaming memories, this book will reconnect you to that long car trip full of Tetriminos, Mewtwos, and discarded AA batteries before speeding ahead to our contemporary days of OLED screens and blockbusters in your backpack.

There are two copies: Standard (£34.99) and Deluxe Edition (£49.99, complete with super cool extras) and comments from the likes of Jason Bradbury, Janet Garcia, Ashens, Larry Bundy Jr. and many more.

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