Atari to open 8 "Atari hotels" around the US in 2022

I don’t know when I’ll visit a hotel again but I’d love to stay in one of these.

Video game company Atari is partnering with design and architecture firm Gensler to create Atari Hotels. The first hotel will open in Las Vegas in 2022 with a second to open in Phoenix and more in:

  • Austin
  • Chicago
  • Denver
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose (California)
  • Seattle
  • Texas

Napoleon Smith III, managing partner of the GSD Group who are working with Atari, described the hotels’ design as “cyberpunk and retro-cool”.

“We want the future, but like what the 1980s thought of the future.”

Smith also said that while the gaming industry was massive, there wasn’t a market for lifestyle spaces for gamers.

You’ve dreamt of this world – now you will be able to experience it. Stylized rooms inspired by great science fiction stories. Restaurants and lounges that stimulate the senses. Retro gaming and esports venues, immersive entertainment, mixed reality programming and digital studios. Everything we have always desired in one location is finally coming.

The Atari Hotels experience

Besides booking rooms, you can also buy merch from the Atari Hotels shop and claim a membership to “explore new dimensions in the world of Atari Hotels” and “receive access to limited edition drops, special room rates, invitations to exclusive events and double rewards”.

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