Modder creates Asuka's WonderSwan-esque console from Evangelion

I admire anyone who can see something cool in a fictional setting and turn it into a reality. Limone (who I’ve featured previously) created this awesome console based on a handheld used by Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion. While it looks like a WonderSwan, there are some key differences which Limone notes when establishing how he will recreate it using a Raspberry Pi and some 3D printing. My favourite part, though, is the cartridge that he made to go with it. Using an e-ink display and a blank transparent cartridge, he made a cart that could tell you whichever game you were playing at the time along with the cover art (although your mileage may vary on the quality and speed of display).

All in all, this is an amazing build and I loved the attention to detail.

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