Top 11 posts of 2021

I know the numbers are arbitrary on their own, but I can’t help looking at page views. It lets me know that someone has taken the time to investigate what I’ve written and, if they stick around, great. If not, fair enough (but I always hope they come back). So I decided to look up the top 10 posts published this year. I published more than I expected this year despite playing very few games that weren’t Pokémon-related.

In no particular order:

  1. Raspberry Pi 4 + PlayStation 2 = PiStation 2
  2. A Sprite Analysis of Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow
  3. Vincent Lubuguin’s Pokémon-themed workstation is amazing
  4. Pocket Monster: a Pokémon platformer… for the SNES & Mega Drive?
  5. How to spot fake Pokémon games
  6. How to play Doom in your Chrome browser
  7. Get a Charizard card rug for €135
  8. Get a Blastoise card rug for €135 before it’s gone!
  9. I traded 41 Pokémon on Surprise Trade for an hour. Here’s what I learnt.
  10. Now you can play Super Mario Bros. 35 on a fan-made server
  11. Arcadex is your Pokémon VGC companion

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