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The top 11 posts of 2023

Back for a third year, I’ve compiled the top 11 posts published this year (see last year’s if you’re interested and 2021’s edition). I’ve published less than last year (148 vs. 199) but still had fun nonetheless.

Anyway, here’s the list:

  1. Create a competitive Pokémon team with AI Team Builder
  2. The story of Lori Baker and becoming an accidental Tetris DX world record holder
  3. Is Pokémon Polished Crystal the best version of the original?
  4. TIL: the “worst-selling” Pokémon main series game is arguably the best
  5. The $1,350 Pokémon Green cartridge rug
  6. Sonic Mania on the 3DS? Sure, why not?
  7. Wolfe’s Sinistcha team got a Top 8 finish in a 500-person tournament
  8. The Odroid N2L is smaller than the Raspberry Pi 4 but is it better?
  9. Relaxing PlayStation games (from PS1 to PS5)
  10. I used GPT-3 to create new Paradox Pokémon names
  11. How to trade Pokémon and link battle on the Miyoo Mini Plus

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